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Written By Miss X - July 26 2013


March 25 2016

I have been looking this lelo products for quite a some time now and hope fully they will be good but the only problem about them is they are little expensive. http://www.dolljunction.com has few good looking products do you think I should buy one from them

March 19 2016

It’s hard to pick but apart from the ones mention in the article, i would have to say:


and of course my own :p

August 14 2015

Same field as the folks above, nice site with good advice. Let me know if you want some wooden versions for review.

Online Toy Store In Australia
May 22 2015

Thanks for sharing good blog.

Amado Paulo Beltran
January 15 2015

Nice collection of different sex toys. I have this friend who collects different dildo’s. Now, he is very much amaze with the personalize 3D sex toys that he ordered online. I think he’s going to used those dildo’s with his boyfriend.

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